Announcing… Miasma!

by on Nov.02, 2010, under Miasma

At last! Our maiden title, Miasma, has been approved for sale on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel!

Miasma is a grid-based, turn-based strategy game set in the future, where the all-reaching Vilhelm Industries controls the Earth, and nobody seems to know entirely why. Lead a band of rebels to investigate how they maintain their control of society, and try to stop it.

Check out our trailer below:

And if you have your Live account associated with your Gamertag, you can even queue up the demo and buy the full game over the web:

Miasma features exceptional 3D graphics and sound effects, music by composers Heather Fenoughty and Bjorn Lynne, an engaging and interactive storyline, romance, and intuitive turn-based gameplay. In between missions return to your Headquarters where you can upgrade your characters to improve their offensive and defensive capabilities, and bolster their special skills.

If you’ve played Miasma, or want to know more about it, or are just feeling chatty, head over to our forums!


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